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Many years ago ‘just’ the cab of this very rare Tempo Matador Pickup was found and imported from Brisbane Australia, where-upon it was stored for many years.

This year has seen its restoration back to life with a subtle mid 60’s West Coast custom look… it runs on radars with redlines and the 60’s cal custom Maltese cross tail lights, embroidery and mirrors help to bring this to life.

The under-pinnings are now of Asian origin making this a very useable yet beautiful retro truck which makes people smile at every appearance.
Many thanks to Paul Colman of Coltech Classics, who helped considerably with this project.

“The best designer and builder in the business. Andy’s work is incredible, from complete restorations of classic prototypes to custom designed supercars. One day I hope to own my own Andy Saunders one off.”

Sonia Beldom. Independant Talent Consultant.


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