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Sundancer is a period 70’s style Lowrider, based on a 1977 Buick Regal 2 door coupe and is owned and painted by Maxime Xavier. 

After the success of her Ford Anglia, Maxime wanted to do another full paint job but this time in a different style, and the fact she had a hankering for lowriders since her earlier years watching Chech & Chong films and dancing to the legendary tune ‘Lowrider by War’ she decided to go down this route.

I looked after details such as wheels/tyres and 70’s wing exit dummy exhausts while Maxime took on the job of the paintwork. 

I bared metalled the car and got it into Silver base before Mike Wareham carried out the heavy flake job, returning it flatted and ready for her to execute her Art, where by she spent 8 months in the garage carrying out the most amazing paint job to be seen in the country since the heady days of Clive Miles. If you see it at a show study the detail in the ‘Sundancer’ on the bonnet, the ‘Nun’ on the boot lid or the ‘Sun’ on the roof and you will understand the extreme detail Maxime is able to achieve with her Art. 

“Andy has a wonderful imagination and ability to bring the wildest dreams to fruition. His work is designed, built and finished with an extraordinary attention to detail, oh yes and it was a pleasure to work with him.”

John Langdon. Designer and Graphic Artist for Dan Browns Angels and Demons Lettering

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