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Andy loved rainbow chaser so much he used it as his everyday car for 10 years and at the end of that period it looked tired so a repaint was planned.

As always with his ideas they grow and the car ended up being restyled into a full kustom with a huge influence from the wave of early 60’s show cars that had emerged in America. The most major restyling being the front nose which was hand fabricated in steel with quad headlights, frenched and peaked, floating bar grill and rolled pan/ bumper assemble, the 50’s interior went and the interior was retrimmed in a wild 60’s style lilac and white tuck and roll effect. the racing strip on the roof was sculptured in vinyl to finish off this amazing 60’s showcar.

The Process

“Andy has a wonderful imagination and ability to bring the wildest dreams to fruition. His work is designed, built and finished with an extraordinary attention to detail, oh yes and it was a pleasure to work with him.”

John Langdon. Designer and Graphic Artist for Dan Browns Angels and Demons Lettering


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