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Saunder’s Skip Art Causes London Sensation!

Saunders has recently finished his latest creation for a Nissan advertising campaign, this eye-catching piece of automotive art was show cased in London, July 2013. This latest commission from Nissan was to build a sculpture to enhance the new Nissan Leafs Low emissions and its usage within the London emission zone.

Created in just three weeks the only brief Saunders worked from was the request for a skip with three cars.

Saunders from Poole, said “the latest commission came on the back of a project last year that saw him asked by Top Gear and Nissan to build a road-going version of its Deltawing racing car.”

“The first problem was trying to find a skip, but I was lucky and found a local firm. I had to try to visualise which size I needed to fit three cars in. I came up with the dimensions of it and they made it for me – they said it was the biggest one they had ever made,” said Andy.

He then set about fitting the three crash-damaged cars into the skip. Each car is bracketed and welded to the skip, so they won’t ever move. With only 3 weeks to purchase, locate and build this piece Saunders made the deadline and headed off to London, where the installation was positioned by the London Eye drawing huge crowds.

The Process

“Andy has a mission to boldly chop where no one has chopped before.”

Tim Baggerley. Editor Custom Car

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