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‘This is the most beautiful coachbuilt Bentley to have been built since WWII.’

Who else would take an aging prestige car – an ’83 Bentley Mulsanne – then add parts to form this collage from Mazda, Opel, Volvo, Mercedes, Suzuki, Ford Focus and Scorpio, Austin Montego and Maestro and… 1800 Landcrab. And fit Series 3 Range Rover head and tail lights, whilst giving it a 2.5″ roof chop and unique 20″ wheels…. Mentally Insanne by Andy Saunders.

Undoubtedly, there were some people who were offended by what Andy has done with this Bentley but far, far more are hugely impressed.

Mentally Insanne was an accepted entry into the European Concours d’Elegance, Schwetzingen 2003 and also chosen as ‘Car of the Month’ by the Rolls Royce & Bentley Owners Club. Purchased by UK DJ Chris Evans and since exported to America.

The Process

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