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This was built as an advertsing gimmick once again for Kampers and Kars in Poole.

The concept came about one morning and within 24 hours the whole thing was underway.

It is a well and truly stretched 1960 Butllins bicycle and a well and truly shortened and narrowed Autohome Bambi.

It is a fully working camper with light, heating, water hob and loo.
This little advertisement took the world by storm and appeared in 7 daily newspapers including a 1/4 page in the Sunday Times.

The Process

“The best designer and builder in the business. Andy’s work is incredible, from complete restorations of classic prototypes to custom designed supercars. One day I hope to own my own Andy Saunders one off.”

Sonia Beldom. Independant Talent Consultant.

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