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BBC2 Panic Mechanic Range Rover NASCAR.

The task for this episode was to make the most unlikely car into a race car, Saunders chose the NASCAR style, the base vehicle was a dilapidated MKI Range Rover 2 door.

All builds on Panic Mechanic were to take 2 days with the exception of this one, which by nature of the amount of work two days was just not long enough. The body shell stayed stock in all dimensions but to lower the vehicle the shell was channelled over the chassis. This was a massive body alterations and two days were taken to achieve this on its own. The height of the roof came down 17 1/2 inches, by this modification giving the range rover the exact look Saunders was after.

Above and beyond that, front spoiler and rear splitters were built and then the vehicle was painted into this patriotic colour scheme you see here in a time frame of 1 hour, as one colour dried so it was masked to paint the next. On the race track the vehicle looked so much the part it could have been at Indy.

The Process

“The best designer and builder in the business. Andy’s work is incredible, from complete restorations of classic prototypes to custom designed supercars. One day I hope to own my own Andy Saunders one off.”

Sonia Beldom. Independant Talent Consultant.

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