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This crazy car was built to show case the amazing effect achieved with full ‘dancing hydraulics’.

The first full dancer in England this unsuspecting and most unlikely candidate showed in full techicolour the effects achievable with such a system. The Audi company logo being changed from ‘Von Sprung der tecknik’ to ‘Von sprung der Saunders’.

The interior was trimmed in some of the wildest ikea curtain material to ever grace their shelves and then the exterior coachwork was painted to copy this material. Note the line of 4 hydraulic pumps taking up the position of the rear seat.

“To build a car like the Audition you need to have a kangaroo loose in the top meadow. Acting on impulse is essential, if you thought about a car like this too long you’d laugh and build something else more sensible.”

Tim Baggerley. Editor Custom Car


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